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Geburtshaus Hamburg

"Luckily I had quite a straightforward birth and the one on one support I got from the midwife was invaluable. She really created a loving atmosphere and was so in control that I felt absolutely happy and able to concentrate on the task in hand. I used the birthing pool as I felt being relaxed would help me breathe calmly (which it did). I really felt that I was in my own world and miles away from any medical facility and this definitely helped me during the more painful contractions"

Top ten tips & resources for mums starting a business in Germany
According to the Bundesagentur für Arbeit 1/3 of people running their own businesses in Germany are women. Many of these women are ‘mumpreneurs’- mothers, who rather than returning to their former employment after having children, decide to become their own boss. This is particularly in expat circles, where it’s often difficult to find part-time employment at all, let alone a fulfilling job that will afford you the flexibility to reconcile motherhood with a well-paid and rewarding career. Read more


Cafe de Bambini is an absolute MUST for parents with small children. There is a cafe serving snacks such as soup, pretzels, sandwiches, cakes etc (happy to prepare baby food) where you can sit and watch your kids on monitors whilst they play in the fantastic play area. They will also look after your little ones whilst your browse their delightful ecofriendly clothing and toys. Throughout the year they host a variety of events and courses for children and mothers


"The independent midwives' situation is very hard in the moment in Germany and only political measures can change this. In the last years midwives who offer birth services, had to pay increased liability fees and many of them had to quit their jobs.The ''Beleghebamme''( offering continuous support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum time for a hospital birth) is almost a memory and in many regions there are no longer homebirth midwives or birth centers to serve women who want such births."


""What's difficult is being patient and not obsessing about their language skills.  It's very easy to beat yourself up over the fact that possibly they are not as good as their friends and putting the fault at the door of their bilingualism.  It's a question of being Patient with a capital P and reminding yourself how lucky they are."

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“In 2007, we were both living in the beautiful city of Barcelona, having each just given birth to our first child.  With no extended family to help with childcare, we looked for other resources to help guide us through this challenging period of our lives. We were surprised at how difficult it was to find easily accessible information about activities and services for foreign parents. Locals seemed to rely on their families and close-knit communities and so it soon became apparent that there was a growing niche for an English language website which would offer parents from the International Community valuable information such as child-related services, schools, family activities, shops, family holidays and restaurants. After extensive research and the help of scores of mothers, Barcelona Mum was born, offering a comprehensive and personalized guide to family life in Barcelona. Within a few months it grew to become MumAbroad Spain, incorporating the whole of Catalunya and subsequently  Madrid, Andalucia, the Costa Blanca and the Balearics. As the site gained momentum, MumAbroad France, MumAbroad Italy and MumAbroad Germany were established and in 2015 the four sites were amalgamated under one roof,

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