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Pregnancy and Birth in Hamburg

  • Geburtshaus Hamburg

    Recommended by Kasia Bala

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    Geburtshaus Hamburg is a natural birth centre which offers a variety of prenatal courses as well as child birth facilities
    Am Felde 2 22765 Hamburg (+49) 040/3901128

    "I really wanted a homebirth for my son as I felt strongly that I wanted to avoid using pain-relieving drugs and any medical intervention during labour but my husband was keen for me to give birth in a hospital as he was worried incase anything went wrong. We managed to compromise on the "Geburtshaus" as it is an intimate, caring facility for natural births but with the ability to offer modern medical care in case of an emergency. I had my check ups here too during pregancy and also attended a few courses and highly recommend the acupuncture treatment they offer for birth preparation. Luckily I had quite a straightforward birth and the one on one support I got from the midwife was invaluable. She really created a loving atmosphere and was so in control that I felt absolutely happy and able to concentrate on the task in hand. I used the birthing pool as I felt being relaxed would help me breathe calmly (which it did). I really felt that I was in my own world and miles away from any medical facility and this definitely helped me during the more painful contractions. When my son arrived my midwife subtly left the room leaving us all to enjoy this magical moment in complete privacy. The follow up care I received from the Geburtshaus was also fantastic and for any pregnant mums in Hamburg I highly recommend it." (KB March 2014)

  • Positive Birth Movement - Hamburg

    Recommended by Simona Pickhardt

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    Positive Birth Movement was founded  in October 2012 by Milli Hill, a mother of three small children and a freelance columnist, from the U.K. Milli thought that many women do NOT have currently positive births and that by sharing information, we might empower each other, thus facilitate change. Well, her attempt ended in a network of 176 groups worldwide, including the group in Hamburg, Germany. The aim of the organization is to challenge the epidemic negativity around childbirth by bringing women together, support them and empower them to approach birth differently. Positive Birth Group provides a free monthly meeting where we inform and empower international women living in Hamburg for having joyous pregnancies and birth experiences. New mothers attend our meetings too, telling their positive stories, which is a great thing!  So many times pregnant women hear horror stories about birth nowadays and this is not helping them.

    "International women find camaraderie and new friends in our group, a community that supports each other! We meet in Hamburg at Mütterzentrum Hohenfelde, Cafe Mütze - Ifflandstraße 69 (im Hinterhof), 22087 and we announce the meetings via our Facebook group, where we also share articles, thoughts and encouragement for our members."  (SP, April 2014)