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Interviews with Experts

Interviews with Experts

In this section we have interviewed numerous experts in Germany on the likes of reflexology, hypnotherapy, natural birth, IVF, general pediatrics as well as speech & occupational therapy, relocating to Germany, setting up a business amongst other topics. We realise how hard it is for expat mums in Germany to find an English-speaking professional in these fields so if you have a question for one of them, send us an email and we will forward it onto the relevant expert.

If you are an Expert working in a child related field we would love to interview you, so please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Boarding & Summer Schools Advisor - Sara Sparling

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    "Parents often comment to us that they do not hear from their children because they are so busy. We have also had parents comment to us that it improves their relationship with their children; they get longer School holidays (2 weeks October half term, 3-4 weeks at Christmas and Easter plus a long summer holiday) which is quality time without the pressures of School work or nagging about homework or endless driving between activities" (SS, April 2013) 


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  • Personal Coach - Amanda Wilby

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    "Giving birth and raising a family is a huge time of transition and change. Living abroad can add to the challenge significantly, especially if you have enjoyed a close personal support network at home. The idea of birthing abroad can seem quite scary and fear is the last thing you need in the birthing suite! For a great experience with birthing and parenting it is important to understand what your parent values are and how to work from those values. These values help you make the right decisions for you and your family. People are concerned, in particular, about whether to send their children to the local school or to an international school, or whether to live in the areas where the expats congregate or have a more local experience. They are big decisions. One of the key issues is that there are often so many decisions to be taken within a small time frame, it can be overwhelming, and this is where working with us can really add value" (AW, April 2013) 

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  • Online Biology Tutor - Matthew Barnes

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     "A colleague who teaches physics online had been urging me to get into online tutoring for over a year, now that the technology is there to do it. It made sense from every angle (greater potential client base, less petrol burned and time wasted travelling and so forth). However, to be quite honest, the idea petrified me! I can therefore associate very strongly with parents who are wary of this technology." (MB, July 2013)

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  • Online therapist Caroline Macrory

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    "As amazing as motherhood can be, it also turns your world upside down. Rather than focusing on yourself, all your effort and hard work suddenly goes into caring for another person. Many women struggle to retain a sense of who they used to be, seeing themselves only as a mother – an essential and valuable role – yet one that needs to be balanced with a sense of their previous self"(CM, Nov 13) 


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  • Hypno Doula - Simona Pickhardt

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    "In general, the system is good, but things have changed a lot in the last years and there are still bad news for the future. The independent midwives situation is very hard in the moment in Germany and only political measures can change this. In the last years midwives who offer birth services, had to pay increased liability fees and many of them had to quit their jobs. The Beleghebamme( offering continuous support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum time for a hospital birth) is almost a memory and in many regions there are no longer homebirth midwives or birth centers to serve women who want such births. The finishing stroke came in the beginning of 2014, when independent midwifes found out that no insurance company accepts their liability insurances anymore starting 2015, meaning that there will be no more homebirths, birth centers, postpartum visits, subsidized childbirth education classes and another courses for mom and baby. What will happen with the right of women to choose the place where to birth? What about educating expectant parents and restorative gymnastic for moms? Who will tell the new moms that they are doing well what theyre doing? Mothers, fathers, midwives, doulas and birth activists have already started petitions and protests, hopefully we will have a resolution in the next period of time. " (SP, April 2014)

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  • Speech Therapist - Andrea Regan

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    "There is no evidence to suggest that it's any harder for a child to acquire two languages than it is for the child to acquire one language. As long as people are regularly speaking with the child in both languages, the child will acquire them both easily. As a therapist working with a mostly bilingual caseload in London I often stressed to parents the importance of providing a good example of any language to their child before school." (AR, October 2015)

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  • Doula - Carolyn Hecken

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    "Trust your instincts about everything and never worry about inconveniencing anyone. You will only be pregnant with this baby one time, you will only give birth to this baby one time  - don't spend even a second worrying about the convenience or inconvenience of others. What matters most is you and your baby. Find a midwife or doctor whom you trust and feel comfortable with. You deserve to be and have the right to be a respected participant in your own and your baby's healthcare."

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